Expert Tips to Prepare Yourself for Oral Surgery

Generally, oral surgery is an outpatient procedure and requires local or general anaesthesia to perform the surgery. After the oral surgery, the patient is allowed to return home with doctor’s approval. It’s important to ask your oral surgeon in Sydney for the essential tips to follow before and after surgery, and clear all the queries beforehand.

– First, it’s important to prepare for the after-care at home before getting an appointment for your oral surgery. Since you have to spend a significant amount of time on bed, set up extra pillows to rest comfortably.-

– Finalise the transportation to and from surgery, and accompanying yourself with a family member or friend is highly recommended.

– After the surgery treat the surgical area using an ice pack for 15 minutes at a time, and then rest for 15 minutes before putting it back on.

– Watch what you eat after the oral surgery. Avoid sticky, hard foods and switch to soft foods, such as soups and yogurts that are rich in Vitamin A or C for the first few days.

– Don’t eat any crunchy foods like popcorn or pretzel sticks after the first 6 weeks of the surgery.

– Don’t participate in any vigorous exercises or heavy lifting for 48 hours after getting your wisdom teeth removed.

– Don’t disturb the surgical area during the healing phase and keep it clean to fasten healing.

Finding the best oral surgeon in Sydney guides you throughout the healing process and brings back the smile you always wanted.

Top Recovery Tips to Follow Post Oral Surgery


Once oral surgery is done, things don’t end up there. Your body will require adequate time to recover and restore back to a healthy state. After oral surgery, necessary care has to be taken to prevent bleeding and infections. Here are such essential recovery tips provided by the best oral surgeons.

1. Gum swelling: It is normal to see swelling in gums after surgery. Place an ice pack on the outside of the surgical area 24 hours post-surgery to prevent or control swelling. You may also experience bruising and muscle stiffness during this time.

2. Bleeding: You might encounter bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction procedures. Biting on moist black tea bag can be very helpful in controlling bleeding. Oral surgeons also offer tips to control bleeding as well.

3. Period of Inactivity: It is important to have enough rest during the first two days after surgery. You should not resume or proceed with your routine activities until your surgeon grants you permission for the same.

4. Smoking & Alcohol Consumptions: Smoking can delay the process of healing, hence oral surgeons suggest you not to smoke or consume alcohol for at least one day after surgery.

5. Proper Dental Hygiene: Brushing and flossing should be done very gently, especially during the initial 24 hours after surgery. Be informed, intense spitting or rinsing can develop bleeding. Use saline or saltwater for rinsing after 24 hours to keep your incision clean.

6. Medication: Follow medications as prescribed by your surgeon for a speedy recovery. Even if you notice that your symptoms have gone away soon, do not fail to follow the entire prescription.

Follow these tips as suggested by expert oral surgeons to easily survive through the recovery period. Get well soon!

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The Ultimate Guide to Choose an Oral Surgeon

Oral Surgeon

Are you hunting for an oral surgeon? When it comes to choosing an oral surgeon, there are a few factors you should take into consideration, such as experience, training and referrals. This write-up lists a few specific things to keep in mind as you look around.


The first option on choosing an oral surgeon is to get recommendations from friends and relatives. These recommendations come with the bonus of being from trusted sources and they are a good first resource for finding an oral surgeon in your area.

Google it

If you can’t find an oral surgeon through recommendations, your next option is to use Google. Simple searches on Google can provide you with many results that you can then narrow down as needed.

Experience & Training

It is ideal to find a surgeon who has extensive training and experience in their field. You should find one who has many years of experience performing your particular procedure.

Read Reviews & Testimonials

Other important online resources are reviews and patient testimonials. It will also help you understand if the oral surgeon has a positive or negative reputation.

Insurance & Payment Plans

Make sure your insurance will cover your treatment with that surgeon. If you don’t have insurance or your plan only covers part of the procedure, you should find out if there are financing options available.

Once you’ve done your research, take time to weigh your options and make the right choice to find the best oral surgeon.

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Dr. Paulo Pinho is one of the best oral surgeon in Sydney with 15 years in dentistry, makes oral surgery affordable without sacrificing quality or experience. He shares the ultimate guide to choose an oral surgeon.

Considerations to Choose the Best Oral Surgeon in Sydney

Best Oral Surgeon in Sydney

A visit to the dentist usually creates fears and bad memories about painful dental experiences. Researchers have found that millions of people fail to get necessary dental care because they’re afraid to go to the dentist. On the other hand, some oral surgeons in Sydney employs advanced dental care procedures to overcome your fear of the dental chair.

While coming to the point of wisdom teeth removal, choosing the right dental surgeon is an important task which should not be compromised. Here is a list of simple tips to choose the best oral surgeon in Sydney.

Experience and expertise is the top most factors to be considered while choosing a dental surgeon. General dentist is capable of performing simple extraction procedure but only an experienced dental surgeon can ensure 100% safe removal.

To understand the depth of the infection, some complex cases of infected wisdom teeth may require CT scans and x-rays. An ideal dental clinic should offer a great facility for the dental surgeon to perform the wisdom teeth removal procedure to ensure a perfect oral health for its patients.

A quality oral surgeon should have completed specific courses and received several awards and accreditations in their specialised areas from the leading associations. This assures patients that they are in the well experienced hands to tackle their dental problem.

Moreover, a professional dental surgeon should be able to prioritise a treatment schedule that helps his patients to distinguish problems needing immediate attention from those that are less urgent. Also, understand the fees, method and schedule of payment before accepting the treatment procedure.

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