How Do I Keep My Teeth and Gums Healthy?

Healthy Teeth and Gums

Brushing your teeth regularly, flossing and rinsing your mouth are the basics of maintaining a good oral health. But, they are only the baby steps. A good mouth care actually takes more than just squeezing the tooth paste out of the tube.

If you are really looking out to keep your oral health in good condition, then you must bid a bye to cigarettes, drop your habits of consuming alcohol/carbonated drinks and bring a change in your brushing technique too. Not just this, there are even more things to take into consideration. They are –

Visit the dentist regularly

If you are a person, who is lazy or thinking of finances, when it comes to meet the dentist regularly, then you are one among the people who has ‘dental phobia.’ You must make sure to meet your dentist at least twice a year, so that the dentist Balmain can identify your dental problems, gum diseases, decay or even oral cancer in the early stages, when it is treatable and has all chance to rule out easily.

Evade Away from carbonated drinks

Roaming around with a canned soda is fun, but it is so very bad for your teeth. Soda gets its punch from phosphoric acid and citric acid, which is sure to eat away the enamel of your teeth. Consuming soda once in a while is not going to hurt your teeth though, but frequent consumption is sure to cause cavities. So, when you feel like drinking soda, it is good to switch to water, flavoured with fruits or mint leaves.

Sugar, the culprit

Taking in too much of sugar is sure to cause tooth decay. It has the ability to fuel the bacteria in your mouth causing the formation of plaque, which will gradually erode away your enamel and damage the gums. This will also ruin your ‘pearly white’ teeth. To avoid this, cut down on the sugary treats, it is not only good for your oral health, but it is good for your overall health. Whenever you munch on a sugary treat, make sure to brush and floss your teeth.

Quit Smoking

Well, you would have heard this from your Balmain dentist every time that the nicotine and tar present in the cigarettes will turn your teeth into the shade of yellow. This will also eat away your gums, as cigars create a healthy environment for the bacteria to grow and the plaque to develop. Smoking will increase the risk of tooth loss, eventually leading to oral cancer.

Use the right Tooth Brush

Some people might require a toothbrush with soft bristles, while some will require a different type. Your dentist Balmain will precisely guide you on what type of brush you should choose. Moreover, you must replace the brush when you notice the bristles to be bent or blunt, to prevent injury to your teeth.

Ultimately, brush your teeth twice a day, and hold your brush in a 45-degree angle, directed towards the gum line. Brush in circular motions in a gentle way for at least 10 times. Don’t overdo. If you have any query, make sure to check with an expert Dentist at a dental clinic in Balmain!

What Can I Do To Strengthen My Teeth

Strengthen Teeth

Tooth enamel, is the hardest substance in your body, however it can lose its quality over time due to demineralisation, which will gradually weaken the enamel and pave way for the build-up of cavities, lead to tooth sensitivity and even result in chipping of the teeth. Once your tooth enamel is lost, there is no way that you can restore it back naturally, instead, you will be prone to more cavities and pain, for which you will have to get the help of a cosmetic dentist Blacktown for alternate recovery methods.

The best way to handle this is, to prevent it in the first place. Follow these simple steps, as narrated by a cosmetic dentist Blacktown to strengthen your teeth –

Mind What You Eat

If your diet includes a lot sugar and starch, then beware of the bacteria, which stimulate the enamel-eroding acid. This acid is present in all sugary food stuffs, including, soda, pickles, and citrus fruits. Do you know, even the tomatoes have the ability to weaken the enamel. So try limiting your sugar intake. This will not only benefit your teeth, instead it will improve on your overall health. Bread, chips, pasta and crackers are no exceptions, so think twice before munching on anything.

Make Use of Straw

Okay, if you are in a situation that you can’t resist taking in acidic drinks, then drink those beverages using a straw. This will limit the amount of acid exposure to your enamel.  Also it is advisable to drink the beverage with your meal, so that the saliva that is produced during the chewing of food will pull out the acid along with the food. Rinse your mouth with clean water once when you are done with your meals.

Use Appropriate Toothbrush and Toothpaste

If you are using a toothbrush with hard bristles then you are already causing damage to your tooth’s enamel. The dentist Blacktown always recommends using soft-bristled toothbrush and application of minimal pressure while brushing and to use quality toothpaste which is free from glycerine content. Glycerine creates the formation of a film over the teeth and blocks the minerals that strengthen the enamel, hence it is wise to avoid tooth paste with glycerine content.

Use Sugar-Free Chewing Gums

Sugar-free chewing gums can help accelerate the production of saliva, this will in turn carry away the bacteria and the acid content in mouth. However, never opt for gum that contains sugar, as it will ruin your enamel.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking can have bad results on your overall health and your oral health too. It will turn your pearly white tooth into yellow or brown, for which you will have to undergo a treatment for teeth whitening Blacktown. This will also damage your enamel steadily.

Once when the enamel on your tooth begins to degrade, you will start feeling sensitivity in your tooth when you chew hot or cold food items. You will also notice cracks and chips on your tooth. In this case, contact your dentist Blacktown immediately, who will help you with necessary advice to overcome this situation.

Five aspects that negatively impact your oral health

In recent years, poor oral health has been a pertinent concern for scores of Australians. This has had dentists all around the country looking for ways to increase awareness about sound oral hygiene habits as a means to limit the number or extractions, cavities and instances of gum disease in young as well as senior citizens each year.

Refrain from these appalling oral habits to retain a healthy set of pearly whites for as long as possible!

1. Avoiding flossing

Several dental care surveys report that the average adult experiences more cavities today than ever before. Studies show that though only 31.4 per cent of the adult populace had teeth rotting in the year 1994; the year 2008 saw this percentage increase to a shocking 39.9 per cent. Dentists attribute a large part of this to poor flossing habits. Forgetfulness or a busy lifestyle often gets in the way of oral hygiene. But the truth remains that a lack of flossing regimen can lead to conditions like gingivitis.

2. Improper brushing and cleaning of gums

Although everyone may insist on brushing, not everyone follows the right brushing technique or the frequency of cleaning your pearly whites. Stale food crumbs, fibres and even fruit seeds stuck between teeth and gums result in decay while plaque can further deteriorate your oral health. Brushing after meals, using a dentist-approved mouthwash and mandating routine visits to a Sydney CBD dentist for can help you avoid this and keep your pearly whites and gums healthy.

3. Having one or more oral piercings

You may think keeping up with latest style trends like piercings is chic; however, it can wreak havoc on your tooth and gum health. You may chomp down on the metal ring accidentally, which can chip your incisors. Be it a top, lower lip or tongue ring, they all create the same problem.

4. Unintentional grinding of your pearly whites

A lot of people remain unaware that the annoying habit of grinding their pearly whites can actually be termed as bruxism. Although you may be grinding them due to nervousness, excessive work pressure or even due to insomnia; it is a condition that leaves your teeth severely damaged.

5. Crunching chunks of ice

What may seem like a harmless habit can in fact cost you your molars. People take to munching on ice cubes because they have zero fat content and use them as substitutes for fatty foods, snacks and sweets. However, you can experience a lot of sensitivity when your oral tissue comes in contact with the freezing chunks, which leads to tooth aches. Exceedingly tough and cold, these ice cubes can severely damage and even break your molars calling for an emergency visit to a dentist in Sydney CBD.

Insisting on following proper oral care habits can help you avoid premature tooth implants or dentures that will be necessary if your molars rot and demand extraction. A simple but effective flossing routine with intermittently scheduled dentist appointments are the answers to all your oral woes.

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Why Sound Oral Health is Vital for your General Well Being

Oral Health is Vital for your General Well Being

Dismissing what seems to be a trifling tooth ache is not an option anymore, for dentists have linked your oral health to the rest of your body. Ignoring cavities, bleeding gums or sensitivity can mean harmful consequences for your mouth, but also your general health. Read on to find out more about this correlation and learn what visiting a Vancouver dentist can do to help this.

Exploring the Link

Bodily sickness can also have a detrimental effect on your teeth. This has been noted during studies that showed patients of type II diabetics frequently are at risk for periodontitis. They also observed that patients of gum disease later developed type II diabetes. So, if you wish to circumvent sinister conditions such as mouth cancer, heart disease, etc. sound tooth and gum health is vital.

Dentists have also noticed that people experience mild inflammation all over their bodies after a severe case of gum infection.

How your Oral Hygienist can Help

A majority of oral issues crop up due to lack of a thorough cleansing routine. A hygienist can help you with this precisely be washing your teeth and giving you a thorough guide to oral care. Once your oral practitioner has informed you about a proper brushing and flossing routine, you must do you best to continue it.

In the case where poor tooth habits are not the reasons for your gum ache, your dentist can look into more sinister causes behind the issue.

In-Depth Checks and Pre-emptive Measures

Making an appointment with a knowledgeable dentist near you is crucial because he can inspect your gum health and find early signs of sickness. After quizzing you about prior ailments and getting a brief medical history the dentists can recommend X-rays. These notify them of deep set cavities, gum disease and more. Once detected, they can help you get a jump start on your problems with apt measures that ensure the outlook for your pearly whites is not so severe.

Therefore, owing to the proven fact, those who covet a healthy body must maintain sound oral health by visiting a dentist in Vancouver at the earliest.

Resource Box: The author is an experience dentist at Kerrisdale Dental Centre and has been writing for many years. He is expertise on general and cosmetic dentistry.