Reasons Why You Need Regular Dental Checkups!

You probably have a very busy schedule that you might find it difficult to fit another appointment to your hectic day. Please note, your dentist plays a significant role in helping you maintain your dental health. Having to see your dentist regularly is not just an appointment you should look forward to like everyone, it is vital to keep.

Why should you visit your dentist Parramatta regularly?

The regular visits help you keep your teeth and gums in good shape. If you are wondering what the point is of having routine dental checkups is, here we have got something for you to think about.

 If you consider to skip a dental appointment, whatever might be the reason, make sure to consider all the risks you will face at the end. Here are some good motives why you should visit your dentist regularly.

Early diagnosis of tooth decay!

Visiting dentist regularly helps to avoid dental issues like gum problems and tooth decay. These problems might seem minor initially. However, they lead to serious problems if not addressed early. With regular visits to your dentist, he will diagnose and treat these conditions at a very early stage.

Clean, bright smile!

Your smile is the most attractive feature in your face. Hence it is essential to keep it always bright and clean. Although you work hard to remember brushing and flossing twice a day, at times that isn’t enough. For proper oral hygiene and health, it is essential to visit your dentist regularly so that he can clean your teeth. The cosmetic dentist Parramatta will also offer treatments like teeth whitening to improve the shine of your smile.

Your dentist will also clean up any tartar or plaque build-up on your teeth which are tough to remove with regular brushing and flossing.

Identify and treat gum disease!

Tartar and plaque build-up not only result in tooth decay but also erode the gum tissues of the mouth. When the tartar build-up causes infection in the gum line, the gum pulls away from the tooth. Also known as gingivitis, if this condition progress it may even lead to the breaking of teeth.

Once it reaches this point, this is now officially gum disease. Gum disease also causes breakdown of bones which hold teeth in place. At this point, it is quite common to see loosening of teeth which may fall out.

To avoid all these challenges, it is vital to address and treat gingivitis before it gets out of hand. With regular dental visits, the dentist Parramatta will examine these problems at an initial stage and treat it accordingly.

Identify any problems under the gums with X-rays!

One of the crucial parts of visiting the dentist every six months is getting your teeth, and jaw bone checked with X-rays. X-ray images help the dentist to see what is happening inside the mouth that are not visible to naked eyes. Especially once you reach your teens, your dentist will take X-rays to determine the progress of your wisdom teeth growing. When he finds some issues, he might suggest wisdom teeth removal Parramatta as early as possible before it is completely developed to reduce major complications. With regular dental checkups, do a great favour for yourself!

Play your Game Safely with Protective Dental Mouthguard

With Olympic season around, every sport lover would be tempted to head to the ground and play hard with their gang of friends. But it isn’t smart to engage in any sport without wearing a mouthguard. There are several reasons why dentists recommend wearing mouthguards before indulging in any activity that can possibly damage your teeth.

1. Protection from Tooth Fractures:

Mouthguards helps protect your mouth from breaking. Even if it gets fractured, it can be mostly saved. Dentists adopt procedures such as tooth fillings, root canal treatment or other measures.

2. Protection from Tooth Displacement:

If a baseball hits the mouth of the player real hard and if he/she doesn’t wear mouthguard, it can break their tooth. Or in certain cases, it would only displace the tooth and make it move easily. By wearing a mouthguard, the force is distributed over all your teeth, thus protecting from displacement or damage.

3. Protection from Tooth Knockouts:

Tooth knockouts can be a nightmare as no one wishes to have a gap showing up when smiling. This is where mouthguards will be of great help. Tooth knockouts can be effectively prevented if you wear a mouthguard.

4. Protection from Soft Tissue Injuries:

Some people as they indulge so much in their game might unintentionally bite their lip or tongue and injure it. Sometimes they’ll have to get them stitched for repairing. Such circumstances can be avoided by using a mouthguard, which cover the sharp surfaces of the teeth.

Dentists in Penrith also explain that mouthguard protects players from jaw injuries as well. Make no second thoughts and protect your mouth from dental injuries with the help of a mouthguard.

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Five Expert Dental Tips That Everyone Must Follow

From young children to aging adults, everyone fears tooth pain and damage. Though the advanced dental technologies today can offer solutions to almost every oral problem, prevention is always better than cure.

Read on to learn about five expert dentist tips in Parramatta for outstanding oral hygiene.

Keep a check on what you eat and drink

Sugar rich food items like candies, chocolates, cakes, carbonated drinks and coffee are the most common reasons for tooth decay in children as well as in adults. Limit the intake of these unhealthy snacks and ensure the mouth is kept free of debris immediately after consumption.

Quit smoking

Smoking causes serious damage to the lungs as well as to the teeth. Regular smokers suffer from permanent teeth discoloration and also have a higher chance of periodontal diseases.

Schedule half-yearly visits to the dentist

Pay a minimum of two visits per year to the dentist to ensure the dental situation is under control. This also helps to nip off problems at the earliest stage.

Follow a regular dental routine

Dentist suggests brushing the teeth twice a day and regular flossing. Using a mouthwash also helps to clean the places that are inaccessible with a tooth brush. Take ample time to brush the teeth and use the right products for the best oral hygiene.

Use mouth guards whenever required

Sportspersons and gymnasts must always ensure that their mouth is well guarded when in the field. This helps avoid unexpected accidents and damage to the teeth.

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