Post-Operative Care Instructions for Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most durable and excellent solution for replacing a missing tooth, but, it requires oral surgery to receive a new crown.  So, proper care should be taken in the immediate postoperative period to minimise the contact with implants.

Follow these post-operative instructions as close as possible. They are designed to help you heal quickly and make you comfortable after the oral surgery.

What to expect after dental implant in Melbourne surgery?

  • The dental implant has been placed inside your mouth, and it may be located above or below the tissue. The dental implants in Melbourne will usually take one or two months to heal completely; depending upon your oral and overall health condition.
  • If you had IV sedation for the procedure, you could not drive alone to your home.
  • If sutures are placed around the implant, it will be removed and checked by your dentist or oral surgeon in one or two weeks.
  • Whatever you do, make sure you keep the surgical site is clean and free of food particles.

Instruction for oral care:

The First hour immediately after the surgery

Bleeding after the tooth implants in Melbourne surgery is quite common. So do not panic if you see blood from the surgical site. Bite down firmly on the gauze pack that is placed over the surgical area, making sure they remain in place. If necessary, the gauze can be changed typically every half an hour.

However, bleeding should be never severe. Keep in mind that bleeding represents a little blood with a lot of saliva. If bleeding persists more than 48 hours, visit or call your dentist immediately.


Swelling is also a normal occurrence after surgery and will not reach its maximum until two or three days. You can manage it by using an ice bag applied firmly to the cheek adjacent to the surgical site. 

Do not smoke:

Smoking after the oral surgery may lead to failure of the implant because the chemicals in the toxins delay the healing period and cause infection. It is advisable to not to smoke for a minimum of 2 weeks after the procedure. If not, you may have to redo the work that literally increases the dental implant cost in Melbourne.

Rest well and take medicines

Avoid physical activity and do not forget to take the antibiotics and painkillers prescribed your dentist.

Diet: Stick to liquid diets on the day of the surgery. Over the next few days after the procedure, you might be able to switch to solid foods. If you take healthy foods regularly, you will feel better, gain strength, have less discomfort, and more importantly, heal faster.

Surprising Factors That Affect the Cost of Dental Implants in Sydney

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, about 30% of Australians avoid dental treatments due to financial barriers. Are you one among them who is worried about the dental implants cost in Sydney? You must understand that there are a few factors that affect the price of dental implants. Moreover, many dental practices in Sydney now provide flexible payment plans to make the dental treatments affordable for all.

This blog has outlined some of the factors that impact the dental implants cost in Sydney.

The Number of implants:

The cost of implants is determined based on how many implants you need. The cost of replacing a single tooth is relatively lower than two or more teeth. Depending on the structure of your mouth and the health of your gums, you may undergo replacements at different times or concurrently.

Location of a tooth:

Each oral structure is different and needs individual care. In order to achieve the desired results, different teeth require slight adjustments during the procedure. The angle of the front teeth is essential as it needs to match the existing jaw line to make sure you have a straight smile. So some cases require more advanced work, and it can affect the cost of dental implants.

Bone Density:

Bone density plays a crucial in the success of implants. There must be enough bone to secure the titanium screw. If you have low bone density, then you are not a suitable candidate for receiving dental implants. However, it does require more preparation to ensure a successful rate. Bone grafts and sinus augmentations are used to prepare your mouth to receive a prosthetic tooth.

Overall oral health:

If you are suffering from an oral disease or other oral health conditions, you will need to undergo several initial treatments to ensure a healthy mouth and the best likelihood for the success of implantation.

The need for tooth extractions:

If the tooth that needs to be replaced has not fallen out or pieces of a tooth are trapped under the jaw-line, it needs to be removed before placing the implants. This additional procedure also affects the cost of Sydney dental implants.

Quality of the implant:

You may not be aware that there are different types of materials available to craft every part of implant supported teeth replacement.  The dental implants in Sydney are made up of biodegradable titanium material that naturally fuses with the jawbone. Now, there are other materials which are used to make implants. Moreover, the abutment attached to the implants is also made of different materials. So, the cost is determined based on the quality of the materials you choose.

Sedation options:

During the procedure, you are likely to receive some level of sedation to keep you calm and comfortable. Anesthesia cost will be added, and in most of the cases insurance will cover part of this cost.

Dental Implants and the Importance of Replacing a Missing Tooth!

Patients with missing teeth once had to choose an alternate from minimal options like bridges, dentures, and partial dentures. But with decades of success, dental implants Melbourne offer the most attractive, safe and long lasting option. Why do dentists always suggest filling the place of a missing tooth? Before discussing the importance of replacing a missing tooth, let us first talk the common question what exactly are dental implants anyway? A dental implant is a tiny titanium alloy screw that is extremely strong, mounted surgically into the jawbone replacing the missing natural tooth root. It is drilled into the jawbone to ensure the screw firmly connects the artificial teeth to the jaw. The dental implants are also used to provide support to the loosening removable dentures. Now that we know what exactly a dental implant is, let us now discuss why replacing badly damaged teeth or missing ones is suggested by a dentist in the first place.


It may sound superficial to someone who has all their teeth. But, even missing one tooth can put you up in a lot of stress in varying degrees. Every one of us in one or the other way is concerned about our appearance. Missing a tooth will affect our confidence level as well. For some, it can also lead to depression that stops them interacting with their peers fearing their missing teeth may affect their personality.

With affordable dental implants cost Melbourne, as there is no extreme visible difference between the replaced tooth and the natural ones, it does affect your physical appearance positively.

General Health:

When you lose a tooth, the entire balance of your dental structure is disturbed. The gap created, will allow the remaining teeth especially the adjacent ones to tilt and shift positions as a result of even normal chewing action. This can lead to further oral problems down the line. The jawbone beneath the missing teeth will also start to deteriorate with time, lacking any stimulation with chewing actions leading to bone loss. This will also give you a much older appearance with sunken facial features.

The cheap dental implants Melbourne do not just replace the missing teeth but also the root of it. It also stimulates the jawbone while supporting chewing. The stimulated jawbone will continue to be healthy and strong. Also, dental implants fill the area of the missing tooth so the adjacent ones will not shift positions.

The Comfort Level:

With all your teeth intact, you probably will have no idea how it will feel when a hard bit of food comes in-between the uncovered root of the missing molars and the existing ones. It is not very comfortable to experience such a situation! When it keeps happening every time you try to eat, people tend to give up the food they previously loved in order to alleviate the continuous pain and discomfort. Losing the ability to choose food can stop you from enjoying the very big part of your life!

Dental implants are strong and natural looking replacements for your missing teeth. They will help you enjoy any food you love. Good news is, the dental implants Melbourne success rate is also full, just go for it. Don’t risk your health!

Tips To Avoid Few Dental Implant Mistakes

Dental implant treatment is one of the best treatments to replace your missing tooth. If you are missing one or more tooth, dental implants in Sydney can replace your missing tooth and gives a natural looking tooth. Since without the replacement of the tooth root, you may experience bone loss in the future which leads to various dental issues. So to overcome the future issues, dental implants treatment involves the use of implants made of titanium material that acts as the artificial tooth root and interacts with your jaw. Here we have mentioned few mistakes that may happen while undergoing dental implant treatment.



Healing Time

Wrong Candidate

Placing Low-Quality Dental Implants

To reduce the cost of dental implants in Sydney, some dentist use low or poor quality dental implants. This may seem to be less expensive, but causes many complications in the future. These implants may also look unattractive if the implant peg is showed out. To get longevity, biocompatibility and best fit, your dentist must use the best quality dental implant for you.

Placing your implant wrongly

Placing your implant at the right place is also very essential for the healing process. Placing the implant in the area with low bone density may cause damage to your nerve in the lower jaw or the sinus cavity in your upper jaw.

Not giving enough time to heal

The healing process is the main factor when it comes to dental implants procedure. After placing the implants into your jaw, your dentist allows the implant for osseointegration. During this process, the implant gets integrated with your jaw and gets ready to place the permanent crown. If your dentist doesn’t give enough time for the healing process, it may cause many issues and may increase the risk of implant failure.

Placing Implant for the wrong candidate

Some dentist may not examine the health history of the patient. Individuals who have the habit of smoking and with particular medical conditions should not undergo dental implants treatment. Few dentists may try to sell dental implants, so they make more patients undergo dental implants treatment without examining their dental health.

Tips to avoid these Dental Implant Mistakes


While choosing the dentist for dental implant treatment, you need to check whether the dentist specialises in offering the high-quality dental implants for their patients. The dentist who specialises in dental implants can provide the treatment in a professional way, and you can enjoy the benefits of the implants for your lifetime.

Experienced Dentist

Choosing the experienced dentist can improve the quality of the treatment. Since the experienced dentists have been performing the procedure for many years, they know how to handle the procedure and offer the quality dental implant treatment. Even though the dental implants cost in Sydney is little expensive, it is worth every penny you spend.

Replacement Options Available With Cheap Dental Implants in Sydney

The dental implant is the artificial tooth root that is placed into your jawbone. Then the crown or the false tooth is placed on the implant. These dental implants act just like your natural tooth, and you no need to take extra care for them. The dental implants are usually made of titanium alloy. Cheap dental implants in Sydney are sometimes used to support removable or loose dentures. Here we have mentioned the various types of replacement options the dental implants provide.

  • – Single tooth replacement
  • – Multiple teeth replacement
  • – Removable prosthesis
  • – Removable dentures
  • – Orthodontic anchors

Single tooth replacement

The main purpose of dental implant treatment is single tooth replacement. Tooth decay, tooth cracking, or failed root canal treatment are the few reasons that may require single tooth replacement. Incisors or front teeth are lost less frequently when compared to molars. If an incisor is lost, the patient’s ability to chew their food will be reduced. Your dentist will replace your single missing incisor by placing the crown on the implants.

Multiple teeth replacement

Even though the dental implants cost Sydney is high, it can be used to replace multiple missing teeth that include all the upper and lower teeth. When you are suffering from three or more neighboring missing teeth, then an implant-supported bridge is placed into your jawbone for multiple teeth replacement. The replacement teeth are made of ceramic or other materials. Then the bridge will be connected to the implants using the screw.

Removable prosthesis

Dental implants treatment can also be used to improve the firmness of your removable dental prostheses, which is also known as dentures. A complete denture or removable denture may have poor stability, particularly when it is placed in your lower jaw. Since the jawbone often gets eroded following the tooth extraction process, your dentures may not get enough space to get attached to your jawbones. This is the reason why your dentures often slip while speaking or eating. This can be rectified with the help of dental implants treatment.

Removable dentures

Removable dentures can be supported by mini implants. Mini implants are thinner compared to traditional implants, and it cannot withstand any strong forces. They are used to improve the stability of your denture when you have the complete removable dentures in both your upper and lower jaws. Usually, four mini implants are placed in the anterior portion of your lower jaw to provide support to your lower jaw denture. Small holes are made in your denture to attach it to your implants. This helps to improve denture stability.

Even though the cost of dental implants Sydney seems to be little high, the benefits it offers can help you get a permanent solution for your missing tooth.



Can Pregnant Women Get Dental Implants?

Pregnancy Dental Implants

Pregnancy causes multiple changes in a woman’s body and forces the mother-to-be extra cautious with the most common activities of the day. The hormonal changes in the pregnant woman make them more prone to dental issues like bleeding, gum diseases and tooth decay. Dental experts recommend dental implants Sydney for pregnant women only after their first trimester. In fact, in most cases, the dentists ask the patient to wait until child birth to get their dental implants.

Sydney dental implants procedure can be completed safely during pregnancy in the case of an emergency situation. Nevertheless, the following aspects may tend to pose a slight amount of risk to the patient as well as the unborn child.

  • Dental x-rays may expose unborn child to small amounts of radiation and this could be a risk. However, chances of this are minimal as x-rays are focused only around the mouth area.
  • Dental implants procedure is performed with help of local anaesthesia and this is considered 100% safe for pregnant women. But the same cannot be said about general anaesthesia that pushes patients into an unconscious state.
  • Above all, any dental procedure comes with a certain level of emotional stress and anxiety. High stress levels can affect the development of unborn child and interfere with the overall health of mother.

When women with poor dental health become pregnant, existing problems tend to aggravate. Therefore pregnancy must be accompanied with a proper dental care routine and emergency situations can be avoided easily.

Five Strong Reasons to Choose Dental Implants over Dentures

Dental Implants over Dentures

Losing a tooth for whatever reason can be embarrassing. Dentures and dental implants are the two most common dental procedures used to restore the lost teeth. While some patients preferred dentures for their lower cost initially, the emergence of affordable dental implants Sydney has made them think otherwise.

Read on to find out other important reasons to consider dental implants over dentures.

  • Dental implants make you look and feel better

Dental implants with prostheses look and feel just your natural teeth. Since dentures are removable, the wearer feels a little awkward while eating, speaking and smiling with them. The implants on the other hand are fused into the bone by using the prosthesis and set in quickly. The comfort and convenience of dental implants offer a great deal of self-confidence to the wearer and thus remain unmatched till date.

  • Dental implants offer high value for money

People who believe that the cost of dental implants Sydney is expensive must note that implants are for the long term (they can last for a whole lifetime). Proper oral care and hygiene is however essential to maintain implants in their best condition. Dentures on the other hand can last up to a maximum of 5-6 years. As the patient ages, the gums shrink and their shape changes. As a result, the patient is forced to replace the old dentures for the proper fit.

  • Dental implants do not interfere with your diet

Since affordable dental implants Sydney are almost 80% as efficient as natural teeth, they allow the wearer to enjoy a wide variety of food items. The implants do not cover any other part of the mouth and thus cause no impact on the tasting ability of the individual. With implant-supported prosthesis, the wearer can enjoy all types of crunchy food items like carrots and nuts and does not have to compromise with the intake of a healthy, balanced diet. On the other side, dentures cover the roof of the mouth thus stopping the wearer from enjoying the tastes to the fullest. In fact, most people using dentures consider eating as an unhappy activity of the day.

  • Dental implants allow normal speech

Patients opting for dental implants get used to them within a few days and speaking with the implants will never been a problem. However, patients who hold unwarranted fears about dental implants cost Sydney go for dentures and end up with a fumbled way of speaking.

  • Do not lose your bone to dentures

Removable dentures cause bone loss in patients. As a result, with time, wearing dentures becomes a problems and loss of bone becomes inevitable. Dental implants on the other hand stimulate bone growth in the patient.

Simple Tips to Save Money While Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most recommended option for replacing the missing teeth. They act and feel like the natural teeth and can last for many years too. While dental implants costs Melbourne may be slightly more expensive than dentures, their benefits outweigh the difference in the cost. Fortunately, individuals who wish to get dental implants can follow the below tips and save more money while availing the treatment.

1. Find a dentist who offers maximum value

Before you finalise a dental care canter for your dental implants treatment, perform extensive research in your area to find and compare dental implants Melbourne costs from more than one or two dentists. Make sure you compare apples to apples to ensure that you will be receiving the same kind of service from them.

2. Talk to the dentist

Discuss with the dentist in detail about the problem you are facing and the current dental health status. The dentist will be able to discuss the cost of the dental implants Melbourne and also offer suggestions to reduce the overall cost of the treatment. For instance, if you have a persisting dental problem that needs to be fixed and then followed by the installation of dental implants, it is going to cost you too much. Instead, the dentist may suggest that you let the dental problem takes it course of recovery and the dental implant installation can be scheduled for a later date. In some cases, the dentist may also offer a discount on the dental treatment.

3. Check with your insurance provider

The conventional health insurance provider generally does not cover dental expenses. But if you have an insurance provider who is willing to reimburse a part of the dental implants cost Melbourne, then you can consider yourself lucky. Even if the amount reimbursed is very small, do not let go of the chance.

4. Analyse the various factors that go into determining the implant cost

The cost of dental implants depends upon the implant material chosen and the type of dental implant installation. Talk to your dental care provider about the different material options available and choose the one that fits rightly into your budget. However this does not imply that you can compromise on the quality of the implant. While calculating the cost, remember that the location of the tooth to be replaced and interference of other specialists can add further to the overall of the treatment.

5. Get your dental implants at the same time

If you have more than one missing tooth, then it is better to have them all replaced at one single go. This ensures that overhead costs like consultation fees, service charge and cost of accessing the hospital are all minimised.

What are the benefits and risks involved in getting Dental implant treatment abroad?

In dental tourism, a patient travels to a foreign country and receive different types of dental care. The cost of dental implants in Sydney is high. . East European and Asian countries provide significantly cheaper dental implant treatment. This is considered beneficial to many people, especially if they lack any dental insurance. As a result, increasing number of people choose to travel overseas to get affordable treatments. Currently, it is very easy to find dental clinics located in countries such as Hungary, Poland, Thailand, India or Singapore via internet, that offer dental implant treatments at lower price.

The dentists who practice in these countries could afford to achieve this because the overall cost including labor, rent and insurance is cheaper there. Some advantages of dental tourism is given here,


  • People choose this option mainly because of the price. It is perceived that the patients could save more than half the amount they would have to spend for getting dental implants in Sydney.
  • Patients could also enjoy a short vacation along with the dental treatment. It would make the journey a memorable experience.
  • In dental tourism, Clinics are more transparent in their pricing.
  • They would also work around the schedule of the patients.

Despite saving lots of money, dental tourism is risky. The reasons are given here,


  • The quality of the components that are used in the dental implant treatment is under question. Because, these clinics need not follow the regulations imposed by the Australian government on Implant dentistry.
  • Lack of any legal protection as any lawsuits filed by the patients is not permissible in Australia.
  • Implant treatments have lengthy recovery time. It is impossible to travel here and there for regular visits. Also, they would not be able to get any problem fixed if it occurs within the guarantee period.
  • If the patients are not dissatisfied with the treatment, they could not be assisted by the clinic.
  • Finding the right dentist in a foreign country is very difficult and requires hours and hours of patient research.
  • Sometimes, the dentist who is performing the surgery may not be well qualified for the task. He/she might have lower standard of education and training when compared to the physicians in Sydney.
  • There are clinics right here which offer affordable dental implants in Sydney. With sound planning and good experience, they are able to provide dental implants at lower than average cost.
  • The patients are always under the risk of contracting diseases that are not common in their native place.

If you are a prospective dental implant patient who is considering dental tourism, make sure to check the prices of all the clinics that offer cheap dental implants in Sydney. See if you really could save a substantial amount by dental tourism and do not fail to consider all the risks involved in it. Then make your decision wisely.

Why Should We Opt For Dental Implants Over Other Treatments?

When we lose teeth due to some reasons, the question that arises in our mind will be, “how am I going to get this fixed?” With medical advancements, there are a number of options that are available to replace the lost teeth. One of the methods that stand out in replacing lost teeth is dental implants. Hospitals are offering first class dental implants in Melbourne, at affordable costs.

There are many reasons that add up to make dental implants the best available option in replacing lost teeth.

1. Durability:

Dental implants presents with the best solution for tooth loss, that lasts a lifelong, if proper adjustment is done at the right times. Other treatments like dental bridges offer only a temporary solution even it is properly maintained.

2. Exact replica:

In dental implants, we get the exact replica of the lost natural tooth. Once we get this installed in our jaw, people cannot recognise it as a false tooth, as it presents no difference to the original one.

3. Healthy solution:

Among the number of options that are available, dental implants offer the healthiest solution to tooth loss. Dental implant treatment does not affect the bones or jaws or gums in anyway, instead it helps them restore strength and protect them.

4. Restores normalcy in people:

People who get dental implants installed can function freely and use their teeth for all the regular activities without undergoing any pain or discomfort, just as how they were before losing the teeth.

5. Helps retain the natural face:

When we lose teeth, the surrounding teeth tend to move towards the vacant space, which affects the shape of the face. With dental implants, the lost tooth is replaced exactly in the jaw bone of the lost tooth and hence the loss of face shape is avoided.

6. No cavities:

Dental implants are cavity proof. Once installed, we don’t have to worry about cavity concerns in the dental implant. With proper cleaning practices, it even performs better than the original tooth.

7. Protects healthy tooth:

In other methods, healthy teeth will be grinded to fix the support bridges, which affect those teeth. But dental implants are fixed to the jawbone directly and none of the healthy teeth are disturbed in the process.

8. Protects healthy bone:

When we lose teeth, the exposed bone starts to deteriorate and it spreads across to healthy bone as well. But dental implants are fixed to the exposed jaw bone on the root of the lost tooth, which helps the jaw bone remains healthy underneath the implant.

9. Success rate:

The success rate of dental implant is over 95% over the world. This makes it one of the most successful treatments for tooth loss.

All these reasons make dental implants in Melbourne the best option for treating tooth loss.