Different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures available

cosmetic dentistry procedures

When you want to improve your smile through cosmetic dental work, you have plenty of choices. While general dentistry emphases on preventing and treating oral complications, cosmetic dentistry is dedicated to improving an individual’s overall facial appearance, including the smile and appearance of his/her teeth.

In most cases, cosmetic procedures are executed for aesthetic reasons, though they also offer some healing benefit as well. Cosmetic dentistry has many different professional cosmetic procedures.   

The most common cosmetic procedures in cosmetic dentistry are relatively simple, while some are complex and require specialised care.

Here are the most common cosmetic procedures in cosmetic dentistry.

1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular, straightforward, and least expensive cosmetic dentistry procedure. It is the procedure carried out to correct the discolouration in teeth. During this procedure, the dentist uses different tooth cleaning tools and equipment to eliminate food debris, tartar, and plaque from the surface and crevices of teeth. Depending on the quantity of discolouration, the dentist’s may also use bleaching agents.

2. Dental Bonding

Bonding is the procedure performed to treat chipped, misshapen, discoloured, or cracked teeth. The dentists use a putty-like resin substance to fix the teeth. It is a painless treatment that only takes 45-60 minutes to compete, and if taken proper care, it can last for up to 10 years. The resin is put on the damaged tooth and is hardened with a UV light. Once it is hardened, it is polished to match the other teeth.

3. Dental Veneers    

Dental veneers are custom-made thin shells crafted from dental composite or porcelain that covers the front teeth. Dental veneers are used to cover the dental flaws associated with the length, shape, colour, or size of the teeth. The ultra-thin shells are fixed to the teeth using a cementing material. Dental veneers blend flawlessly with other teeth and can last for a projected 20 years without staining.   

4. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are probably the most popular aspect of cosmetic dentistry. They are a cap-like structure that is placed over damaged teeth. Dental crowns are used to cover the chipped, cracked, misshapen, discoloured, damaged or decayed teeth. They restore the appearance, strength, shape, and size of the teeth. They are usually composed of dental composite, ceramic, porcelain, or porcelain fused to metal. If proper care is provided, dental crowns can last long for up to 30 years.

5. Dental Implants

Dental implants can be a great solution to missing or damaged teeth. They are composed of ceramic and titanium and are surgically placed into the jawbone. They are designed to act as a tooth root; hence, they function, look, and feel like natural teeth.

If you have any concerns, you should consult your dentist and discuss which procedure will suit your condition.

What are The Ideal Traits of a Good Dentist?

Oral Health is Vital for your General Well Being

People often dread a visit to the dentist. When a person finds a dentist they like, they become committed to that dentist for life. If you’re new to Sydney and hunting for the best dentist in Sydney CBD, have a look at these traits.


The first quality to look for in a dentist is their reputation. Dentists who have practiced for even a short while will develop a reputation that sticks with them. Before deciding on a new dentist you should always ask around and learn as much as you can about them.

Educates Patients

A great dentist seeks to educate his or her patients about proper dental care as well as on the treatments suggested. They encourage their patients to develop good preventative care habits.

Puts People at Ease

A great dentist can make even the most terrified patient feel at ease. They have a calming nature and help patients relax during treatment.

Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are one of the most important skills a dentist can have. Dentists educate patients on their diagnosis, treatment and preventative care. Being able to explain technical information in an easy to understand manner is part of the job.


A good dentist is also honest and compassionate. Dental problems can affect many areas of a person’s life, and dentists need to be sensitive to the problems caused by poor dental health.

Once you’ve found these qualities in a dentist in Sydney CBD, make him/her your personal dentist.

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The rising need for dental care

The rising need for dental care

An April 2015 report by the American Dental Association suggests that the number of trips made to the dental emergency room (ER) nearly doubled between the year 2000 and 2010. The age group that has increased its dental appointment is above 25 years of age while the number of kids and teenagers has remained the same. The most recent data suggests that between 2000 and 2012, the amount of patients to ERs have doubled from 1.1 million to 2.2 million. It’s almost like 1 visit every 15 seconds. The sad thing is that people are still dying from teeth problems in the US. So, what are the reasons that have increased the need for dental care?

  1. Lack of adequate number of representatives

Investigative reporters suggest that regions like Lyndhurst have fewer emergency rooms that are properly equipped to deal with dental emergencies. Further, most ER patients are treated with antibiotics and painkillers as a general rule before being referred to a professional. Also, regions like Lyndhurst have fewer professional representatives to cater to the demands. The ADA suggests that 16% of Americans live in places which lack access to proper dental clinics. Consequently, visits are delayed until a trip to the ER becomes unavoidable.

  1. The changing food habits

The days of the past were more organized and safe. The modern lifestyle demands that we have little time to ensure that the food we eat offers more than just taking care of our hunger. Chemicals in food and toxic oils take a toll on the oral health apart from being a general health hazard. Today, more number of people is suffering from decomposing cavities, gum diseases and other oral problems. Though most of us understand the root cause, a visit to a dentist is perhaps the only way to continue our busy schedule and maintain our oral health.

  1. Easier dental care

For clinics that are equipped with high end infrastructure and revolutionary tools, dental care is just like a visit to a friend. Even complicated surgeries can be done in a matter of hours and patients can go home feeling right in place but with a changed/reformed oral health. Technological innovations have also ensured that dental care becomes easy, safe and less expensive. Consequently, more people are ready to pay less for treatment.

  1. The rising demand of cosmetic surgeries

A decade ago, the concept of “people are born the way they are” seemed a reasonable answer to facial deformities and diseases. However, dental care has grown of age and today we have option to bring back a beautiful smile back to a broken face. From replacing broken tooth to enhancing/straightening the jaw line, cosmetic dental surgeries have become easier and safer. It’s needless to add that people are ready to spend to look beautiful.

  1. The health consequences of oral status

Recently, oral health has been reported to be an indicator of chronic problems ranging from acid reflux to diabetes. Consequently, visits to the dental clinics have increased to ensure that any symptom is detected early.

Dentistry trends of 2015

Oral Health is Vital for your General Well Being

The dental industry has evolved more in the past couple of years than it did in the last decade. According to the reports by the American Dental Trade Association (ADTA), the practice generates more than $60 billion every year in practice activities and patient fees. This figure has been growing substantially with changes in dental technology, care infrastructure and patient behavior. In the near future, growth in the dental industry will catch up a fast pace as new dental treatment are being added to the product mix. In general, roughly, 70% of American adults seek regular dental care and with the population rising – it’s like ‘more teeth, more need’. Let’s look at the top 5 dentistry trends in 2015.

  1. The oral-systemic awareness

Dentists have known that oral health has a deep connection with the rest of our body, but it is recently that consumers have finally begun to understand the fact. Since the American Academy of Periodontics reported the correlation between cardiovascular diseases and periodontal diseases, dental check-up has been a diagnosis for conditions ranging from diabetes to acid reflux. This new knowledge has been making more number of patients understand the importance of dental care and subsequently, dentists are keeping a busy schedule.

  1. Technology as a boost

If you go to a top dental clinic in Lyndhurst, you will get to see several new technologies like Cone beams, Digital X-Rays, implants, and other new tools of the trade. These technologies have been making dental procedures more precise, safer, and even cost effective. Surgeries can be performed within the same day in a rightly equipped clinic. Consequently, more people seek a redressal to their oral problems.

  1. Safer treatment for kids

Any parent would realize the hassle of taking a kid to a dental clinic. Previously, clinics used to resort to sedation, hand pieces and tongue tying to keep the kid calm and this was still a tough job to perform. Parents of today have however got more demanding when it comes to their kids. They are opting for expensive but safer means of practice including hard/soft lasers, Solea CO2 and other similar options. This means that we have less bloodiness, less noise, minimal post-op discomfort and a safer care.

  1. Mobile marketing

In 2015, several top dental clinics are adopting mobile marketing strategies. From practice to contact information, everything is shared with the audience using mobile app. Mobile apps for dental care offer DIY care tips and procedures and help market the brand, specifically a clinic. In fact, 50% of online appointments come from mobile devices today. Dental application also provides a better means to market your campaigns and increase the footfall to any check-up campaigns you might be initiating.

  1. Dentistry is more of a relationship management

Like any other industry, dentistry is also more focused upon building relationships as a means to market services and win patients. 96% of patients say that they would be a regular with clinics that can establish a better dentist-patient communication and 76% patients say that they would be loyal to their labs.

Smile better with cosmetic dentistry!

Smile better with cosmetic dentistry

Teeth and smile are so much related. Healthy teeth are precious to a beautiful smile. However, not all of are blessed with a healthy row of perfectly set teeth. The increasingly unruly food habits and other environmental factor make the job of a dentist so much important today. A popular procedure opted by many people across the globe is cosmetic dentistry. Apart from making your smile better, cosmetic dentistry offers several advantages and benefits.

  • Teeth whitening: Cosmetic cleaning procedures can dramatically minimize dental discoloration.
  • Porcelain veneer: Several customized veneers help reshape teeth while covering up all surface flaws.
  • Dental bonding: Similar to veneers, several types of composite resin veneers are used by dentists in Lyndhurst to conceal dental blemishes.
  • Realine: Gapped teeth and minor crowding can be easily corrected by clear aligner trays.
  • Gum Contouring: For those looking to do something about a ‘gummy smile’, gum contouring is a contouring procedure that helps removes unwanted gum tissues and smoothen uneven gum lines.
  • Smile Makeovers: All these above procedures can be effectively combined to create a healthy smile.
  • Dental Crowns: For people suffering from heavy tooth decay, dental crown seems to be an effective solution. This cosmetic procedure is also used for treating highly sensitive gums and root canal treatment. A good solution in this method is Invisalign.

While the above procedures have been common among dental clinics in Lyndhurst, some of the latest technologies have also begun to support highly complicated dental cosmetic procedures. Patients can now opt for comfortable and safer treatments. These include:

Computer Smile Imaging

Computer Smile Imaging lets your view the final results even before a cosmetic surgery has been performed. Your smile can be digitally enhanced using high end computer software and you have a say in the extent of the several small procedures that supports the overall results.

Interoral Camera

Small and flexible cameras fitted on top of pen shaped instruments offer detailed images of your gums and teeth. These images can be immediately reviewed and discussed by the doctor and the patient. With patients having a better understanding of the treatment, the doctor can advise several cosmetic procedures to choose from.


Tomography is a form of high quality digital X-Rays. Just like digital cameras, they support images that wouldn’t have been possible in a traditional inspection.

Sim Plants

These one day dental implants allow patients to change their smile in just a single appointment. If you are looking for an immediate makeover, this would be a highly advised cosmetic procedure.

When looking for the best cosmetic dentistry service providers, ensure that the clinic has an in-house laboratory such that any repair or fabrication can be done in the same premises and in the least amount of time. Several dental clinics in Lyndhurst are adopting high end technologies to treat their patients today and bring back a smile that couldn’t have been possible even a year ago. Afterall, money can bring smile to your faces!